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The scientific journal Moscow Journal of International Law, formerly the Soviet Journal of International Law, established in 1991, is published by the Moscow State Institute of International Relations is a high quality peer reviewed journal, and is one of the leading international law journals in Russia.


Moscow State Institute of International Relations and the International Union of Lawyers.


The mission of the Moscow Journal of International Law since the very beginning has been bringing together scientists and practitioners from different countries. The Editorial Council and Editorial Board include prominent scholars and high-level policy makers from Russia, Belarus, Kazakhstan, Armenia, Uzbekistan and other states. The Journal has published articles written by more than 700 authors from Russia, the CIS countries, Canada, the United States, Greece, Vietnam, Afghanistan, Laos, France, Sweden, Finland, Switzerland, India, Germany, Great Britain and other countries.

The Journal publishes scholarship on diverse issues ranging from issues of theory of international law, legal problems of international security, questions of international humanitarian law, space law, air law, diplomatic and consular law, international maritime law, law of international treaties, to correlation between international and national law. The Journal has repeatedly focused attention on the issues of territory in international law, international ecological law, various aspects of international private, business, investment and tax law. Young authors are traditionally welcomed – undergraduate and post graduate students of law faculties. And finally, and this is one of the important assets, the Journal has published numerous international conventions, documents of international organizations, bilateral agreements and laws of the Russian Federation.

The target audience of the journal comprises lawyers, research scholars, university professors, post-graduates and undergraduate students from Russian and international universities, policy-makers, businessmen, official of international and non-governmental organizations and others who are interested in theory and practice of International law.

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The certificate on registration PI No.77-5895 December, 8, 2000
ISSN 0869-0049

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